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Who we are: by Josh Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning

Josh’s experience begun in 2005 in South Florida working for a small pressure cleaning company in Palm Beach County, until he decided to relocate to Georgia in 2010. Here in 2011, Josh created Josh Pressure Wash LLC. Being one of the first soft wash companies in our area, Josh helped thousands of homeowners and businesses by educating them from costly repairs due to mildew and mold. By providing quality work and with word of mouth he was able to establish long term relationships by networking within his community. House wash after house wash, from residential to commercial pressure washing and roof cleaning, his team and him has been proven to be helpful, trustworthy and honest.

Our social medial pictures from over the years is to assure potential clients, that their commercial power washing and roof cleaning business is not a fly by night service. Proudly serving Cumming, Georgia and its surrounding areas

Josh Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning is fully insured with workers compensation for his employees, they carry commercial vehicle insurance on all vehicles and carry general liability 

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