Tennis court cleaning:
soft washing
for HOAs and city parks

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soft wash is the best way to clean a tennis court

We clean quite a few basketball courts and tennis courts every year for HOA’s, parks and recreations, and private residential homes. We do not mark up nor damage your courts leaving behind lines in the painted surface after its dry. Look no further for a reliable pressure washer experience that can help maintain the value of your property with our pressure washing service. Cleaning courts of tennis may be tricky at time. Some easier than others.  You don’t want to put the solution to strong because you’ll make the paint bleed

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why should you clean a tennis court

Why should I wash the court in my community?

I wonder why you ask. I thought that is crystal clear: Tennis is a gentlemen sport that will claim if the court is dirty. I don’t think they will sue you, just will go to another club.

If you are the owner, is up to you. Look at the picture, after and before and tell me in which kind of court you prefer to play. 

Is the pressure washing the best cleaning method for a tennis court?

If your tennis court is made on concrete, definitely yes.

If we talk about clay or grass, the system could destroy it.

The importance on having a clean tennis court

The importance on having a perfectly clean Tennis Court

Cleaning your tennis court is a vital component of your regular maintenance routine, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to eliminate safety issues. When there is standing water or a build-up of debris such as leaves, the courts should be cleaned once a month or more often in bad weather. Using pressure washing to clean the tennis court is beneficial.

What are the benefits of keeping courts from being unclean?

The primary goal of keeping your tennis courts clean is to maintain them fully playable and free of hazards. Any debris, filth, dirt, or trash might cause players to slip and fall, resulting in catastrophic damage.

Cleaning tennis courts regularly will help to prevent future difficulties. Standing water on the court attracts dirt, creates stains, and collects debris. This causes abrasion on the playing surface, promoting mold and mildew if left unattended for too long.

A clean tennis court provides a more pleasant playing experience in terms of aesthetics. A neat, well-kept tennis court is a happy tennis court! Soft washing and power washing play an important role in the long life of the court.

How do you tell when it’s time to clean them?

Tennis players and court owners understand the importance of maintaining a clean court. If the playing surface looks and performs terribly, your courts need cleaning!

Other clues that the surface is degrading include players sliding, the ball bouncing unevenly, or the court pace slowing down — a clean court has more traction.

What can happen if your tennis court isn’t maintained?

If you don’t clean your court regularly, mildew, mold, and algae may accumulate, making the surface slippery. Aside from a poor playing experience, an injury might be a more significant result.

Premature surface deterioration, especially in harsh weather circumstances, will be one of the long-term impacts on a court’s surface that has been ignored for a long time. It may be too late if you can no longer discern the lines or if cracks begin to emerge.

You’ll almost certainly need to spend a lot of money resurfacing the court at this point. The cost of resurfacing varies based on the kind of court, but in general, the more cracks and low places that have emerged due to negligence, the more expensive it is. To avoid future issues, have your tennis courts cleaned regularly.

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