Tennis Court Cleaning

Soft Washing Tennis Court Cleaning ​

Josh Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning, clean quite a few basketball courts and tennis courts every year for HOA’s, parks and recreations, and private residential homes. It is very hard not to mark up nor damage the surface  leaving behind lines in the painted surface after its dry. Look no further for a reliable pressure washer experience that can help maintain the value of your property with our pressure washing service. Tennis court cleaning may be tricky at times, some easier than others. You don’t want to put the solution to strong because you’ll make the paint bleed and you must be careful using pressure because it will destroy the surface. Soft washing is the method you want to use!

Tennis Court cleaning at a HOA for mildew and mold in Cumming, Georgia

Why is Tennis Court Cleaning an Important Routine Maintenance ​

Owners should consider tennis court cleaning within their community. Do you wonder why would I make this statement? I thought it was crystal clear! Tennis is a gentlemen sport that will clam if the court is dirty. I don’t think your members will sue you, but people would go to another club. If you are the owner or in charge, it is up to you. Look at the picture, after and before and tell me in which kind of court you prefer to play in. Without a yearly routine cleaning, it will get expensive to pressure wash. This should be a priority because it gets expensive to resurface a tennis court!

Tennis court Cleaning using our soft washing technique for mildew and mold in Alpharetta, Georgia

Eliminate Safety Issues On Your Tennis Court

Cleaning your tennis court is a vital component of your regular maintenance routine, not just for aesthetic reasons but also to eliminate safety issues. When there is standing water or a build-up of debri and mold, this should be cleaned once a month or more often in bad terrain areas. Using soft washing to clean the tennis court is beneficial. What are the benefits of keeping courts from being unclean? The primary goal of keeping your tennis courts clean is to maintain them fully playable and free of hazards. Any debris, filth, dirt, or trash might cause players to slip and fall, resulting in catastrophic damage. Cleaning tennis courts regularly will help to prevent future difficulties.

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