Industrial Pressure Washing

Tools We Use To Provide Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial cleaning requires specialized equipment, including a pressure washer, hoses, spray nozzles, and attachments. The pressure rating is the rate of water supplied to the pump and is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Josh Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning prefer pumps that provide adjustable pressure between 500 and 4000 psi while we clean using hot water up to 220 degrees. In addition, we use protection, assuring our clients we are knowledgeable in safety practices to work on their job sites and properties. Ultimately our pressure washing trailers carry multiple machines because if one breaks, there’s always a backup so we can still finish the job promptly.

Industrial pressure washing for rust at an industrial plant in cumming, Georgia

Our Commitment In Industrial Pressure Washing

Josh Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning is known to get the job done right where no one else can. Our staff stay committed to helping our clients at all cost.  We have over thirteen years in cleaning these types of facilities. With us being licence and insured, we have the capasity to tackle any job. Generally in the warehouses we clean diesel spills and battery acid due to trucks and forklifts on the concrete surfaces. Definitley our pressure washing technicians are experts in chemical washing and can remove any stain!

Industrial Pressure washing at a warehouse for buildings and silo in Suwanee, Georgia

Industrial Pressure Washing For Exterior Buildings

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses a low-pressure washing technique, using a mixture of bleach, surfactant, wax and water. This will safely clean the outside of your Industrial buildings for organic stains for mildew, moss, mold and algae. It does not matter what kind of surface it is or how tall the building might be. We have the experience to help you provide excellent curb appeal and help you from future damages due to mildew and mold.

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