Deck Cleaning

Wood Restoration For Your Back Deck

There are different kinds of decks and fences we can clean. One of them is soft washing a raw deck. This is the process where you have installed a wood deck in the past and the wood has seasoned turning a white greyish color. This wood cleaning process consists of low pressure while cleaning so we don’t disturb the fibers in the wood where it would splinter. To accomplish this task, we use an acid-based product specifically engineered to clean wood that has never been stained or painted before. First, we apply a cleaner agent while cleaning the wood along the grain. Second, we apply a neutralizer for the first chemical where the wood would brighten up. Afterward in a couple of days, sealing, staining, or painting it would be recommended. This process allows whatever finish you apply will last because the wood was prepared correctly.

Deck cleaning and wood restoration on a bridge for mildew and mold at Wills Park in Alpharetta, Georgia

How We Clean Your Painted And Trex Deck

Your deck was magnificent initially when it was created and added value to your property. In time, hopefully, you allowed it to cure and prepped it properly before it was sealed or painted. This is where our soft washing technique kicks in for maintenance cleaning. Normally your back deck will accumulate mildew and mold and we use bleach-based products to remove stubborn stains on the surface. This allows us to clean a painted deck without chipping the paint. This also goes for Trex decking as well. Trex decking is a different surface designed for easy maintenance without high pressure. We apply an eco-friendly chemical that will allow us to clean it without damaging it using low pressure! 

Deck Cleaning for mildew and mold in Ball Ground, georgia

What A Clean Deck Will Bring You

A clean outdoor deck evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation, offering a serene sanctuary where one can unwind and connect with nature. A clean deck invites outdoor activities, from leisurely reading sessions to lively barbecues, fostering moments of joy and togetherness with loved ones. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a clean outdoor deck offers a rejuvenating escape, replenishing the soul with the simple pleasures of nature. It also brings value to your home. Deck cleaning should be a priority so your friends and family can have an outdoor space to enjoy!

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