commercial pressure washing service in Cumming, Ga. Established in 2011

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Our pressure washer technicians are train and ready to go applying our soft wash procedure for your buildings and concrete. roof cleaning is available. We also service shopping centers, parks and recreations, property management companies, public works, HOA amenities, apartment complexes, stadiums, office parks, gas stations, restaurants, fast food facilities, contractors and more. hot water pressure washing at its best. We are also mobile! excellent pricing for quality work. Call Josh Pressure Washing & roof cleaning today for your free estimate! Established in 2011.
We can provide proof of license and insurances

We have the Experience you can count on. We come out with a team. Not just one person. We use state of the art equipment to clean with speed but thoroughly using only the best solutions in the industry to get the job done right.

Our estimates are contracts. we provide our customers with detail contracts through emails. We do this to prevent disputes between both parties. At a basic level, our contract is a tool that allows us to agree on the scope of work and pricing with no hidden fees.

Do we have HOA agreements and special services for neighbors?

  • Yes
  • We can give you priority on our calendar, fixed pricing, and the the service you need


One of the goals of HOA cleaning is to maintain all the houses in your neighborhood like new, so the value for your house is also increased. 

And is not onlye for the value… Who wants to walk the dog aroud an expensive street that is looking like the getto? That’s why HOA requires every house to be clean, and power pressure services is the best option for you and your friends.

Is about pricing, is about value, is about good looking, is about comfort.

You can buy expensive tools, but probably we know a bit better wich tool to use, when, how, and all the stuff needed to do a perfec job.

Don’t trust us, trust the 155 (or more) 5 star reviews that our clients wrote on Google Maps.

How we do HOA cleaning?

We can make an agreement with HOA for special princing and a priority calendar.

We don’t force anyone to use our services, but you will have clear advantage if you request your HOA to make an appointment on your behalf. 

Or you can call us directly, as you like.

Does my neighborhood alredy has an agreement for pressure washing?

Just make a call and tell us where is the house.

Additionaly, you can ask your HOA manager to request a special agreement with Josh Pressure Washing