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Commercial cleaning contractor focusing on exterior cleaning for commercial facilities, buildings and concrete cleaning.

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Commercial Pressure washing

Commercial cleaning and new construction cleaning,


Our Commercial Pressure washing company has the ability to pressure wash and maintain Recreations and Parks, Subdivisions, Businesses, Office Parks, Industrial Facilities, Stadiums, Schools, Restaurants and the list goes on. We invest in the best pressure washer equipment money can buy which allows us to tackle bigger jobs when other pressure washing companies can’t!. We power wash concrete using hot water while cleaning. We use the best pressure washer equipment money can buy in the pressure washing industry. We soft wash homes and roofs for new construction after they are build for dirt and dust. We can provide acid washing for stubborn stains and. remove red clay off new construction homes and driveways pressure wash. We can clean windows with water fed poles. We are licenced and Insured including commercial policy on vehicles. 


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Our pressure washing rigs pulls water up to 500 gallons per load. Some time when we are out pressure washing on a commercial property, there is no water at certain areas. This is where our mobile pressure washer equipment and water tanks come in. We normally fill up our tanks at the pool amenities, a nearby water spicket, or fire hydrant and could pull water to our destination space of work. Wheatear were working for a HOA and power washing curbing or sidewalks and need to carry water or if were soft washing a fence at the perimeter of your HOA. Our power washing service have the equipment to accommodate any task at hand! 

our Pressure washing service and Contracts

Do we have HOA agreements and special services for neighbors?

  • Yes
  • We can give you priority on our calendar, fixed pricing, and the the service you need

One of the goals of HOA cleaning is to maintain all the houses in your neighborhood like new, so the value for your house is also increased. 

And not only for the value… Who wants to walk the dog around an expensive street that is looking like the ghetto? That’s why HOA requires every house to be clean, and power pressure services is the best option for you and your friends.

Is about pricing, is about value, is about good looking, is about comfort.

You can buy expensive tools, but probably we know a bit better which tool to use, when, how, and all the stuff needed to do a prefect job.

Don’t trust us, trust the 155 (or more) 5 star reviews that our clients wrote on Google Maps.

How we do HOA cleaning?

We can make an agreement with HOA for special pricing and a priority calendar.

We don’t force anyone to use our services, but you will have clear advantage if you request your HOA to make an appointment on your behalf. 

Or you can call us directly, as you like.

Does my neighborhood already has an agreement for pressure washing?

Just make a call and tell us where is the house.

Additionally, you can ask your HOA manager to request a special agreement with Josh Pressure Washing

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Josh Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning provides power washing and soft washing for commercial pressure washing. The best in the business since 2011. If your a property manager, business owner, management company, a city municipality, manager to a office park or located at a industrial facility. We have the equipment, line of chemicals and experience to guide you through a easy process.